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Join the Boulder Heights Hiking Club to Discover and Access the Best Trails in Our Area!

About BHHC

The Boulder Heights Hiking Club supports hiking enthusiasts in the Boulder Heights, Carriage Hills and Sunshine Saddle neighborhoods. 

Members get exclusive access to the 240 acres of trails in Camp Paul Hummel, as well as information on other great hiking trails in our area.

About Camp Paul Hummel

Camp Paul Hummel is a private property owned by Next Step Christian Church and Frontier Church - Carbon Valley.   Its 240 acres sport amazing views of Boulder and the front range with miles of lush hiking trails. 

Great Local Trails

Don't miss out on any of the great local trails our area offers.  There is nothing more convenient than stepping out your front door and enjoying a trail that is part of our community.  In addition to Camp Paul Hummel trails, there are lots of great trails in the Sunshine Saddle area.  Note that you must be a club member to access the trail map & info.

Get the Latest

A key benefit of your club and this website is the ability to get the latest news on CPH and all club activities.  Just come to this Home Page and scroll down for News and Notices.

Latest Club News and Notices
2024 Camp Dates and Closures Announced

2024 camp dates  have been announced for this summer.  During these times, our club members agree to stay off the camp property and its trails.  Thank you for cooperating with these closure dates:

  • June 23-28

  • July 7-14

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