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How to Join the Boulder Heights Hiking Club

It's easy, and you can enjoy the benefits all year long!

The only qualifications for joining the Boulder Heights Hiking Club is that you live in the Boulder Heights community and that you are an enthusiast for getting out and hiking trails in our area.   You are in our club range if you live in Boulder Heights, Carriage Hills or the Sunshine Saddle neighborhood near the end of County Road 83.

Dues are collected annually, and current members are issued a pass for use while on the Camp Paul Hummel property

Here are the Steps for Joining the BHHC:
  1. Complete the on-line application at this link.

  2. Read the Club Rules and Agreements (See Below). Download a printable copy and sign the page confirming that you have read the Rules and agree to abide by them as a BHHC member. Read and sign it and either email a signed scan of the agreement to the Club Coordinator or mail a hard copy to the Coordinator.

  3. Download a copy of the No-Blame Liability Waiver for the club.  Print the waiver.  Read and sign it and either email a signed scan of the waiver to the Club Coordinator or mail a hard copy to the Coordinator.

  4. Complete your registration by paying the annual club dues in the check-out area.  You must renew your club membership each year by paying your dues.  Membership fees are per household, and your pass will show both names for couples. For 2022, annual dues are $50.00 for the first year and $40.00 for second years and later.   Club costs are minimal, and a portion of each member's dues will be contributed to a local forest protection cause. 

  5. When your payment and required documents have been received, you will be sent a current membership Trail Pass for use on the camp property, along with the password to access all areas of this website. 

  6. If you have any questions about joining, please email the Club Coordinator or send an inquiry through the Contact Us form.

Here is a Recap of the Registration Process:

  1. Complete the on-line application.

  2. Pay your 2022 dues here.

  3. Read the Club Rules and Agreements.  Download and sign a copy and return.  Digital versions emailed are acceptable

  4. Download and sign a copy of the No-Blame Liability Waiver and return it to the Club Coordinator.  Digital versions emailed are acceptable

  • Note: Your membership cannot be completed until the club coordinator receives the two signed documents listed in #3 and #4 above.

BHHC Club Rules  - Download a Printable Copy By Clicking Here.
  1. Members recognize that Camp Paul Hummel is private property and their membership and access to the property is a privilege and not a right. This privilege may be revoked at any time.

  2. The Club’s "No Blame Waiver" must be signed prior to access to the property and remain on-file with the Club Coordinator.

  3. Club members agree to carry a valid Boulder Heights Hiking Club ID Pass at all times while on the property.Anyone without a pass will be considered trespassing. Members agree to support the Camp by courteously checking other hikers for their passes and informing non-members of the rules for being on the property.

  4. Members must live in Boulder Heights, Carriage Hills or the Sunshine Saddle neighborhoods. Members may invite a neighbor from those communities to experience the camp trails one time with them, after which the non-member must join or stay off camp property. One member with a club pass should be with each group of people.

  5. Members may access the property from sunup to sundown by foot only. Members may use skis or snowshoes during the winter months. No motor vehicles or bicycles are allowed.

  6. Members agree to enter and exit the property only through two gateways;

    1. From Mine Lane - enter and exit next to the NW vehicle gate

    2. From the end of Skytrail Road next to the gated fire escape route.

  7. Members must stay on approved trails, roads and access points. Members agree to stay out of the restricted areas that include:

    1. The posted boundaries of the Gamelines Archery Range.

    2. The fenced antenna area and equipment structure

    3. The Camp compound where the cabins and common areas are located.

  8. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted.

  9. The only animals permitted are dogs. Dogs must be leashed or be wearing a current Boulder County Sight and Voice tag. Owners must be registered in the program and follow all Boulder County guidelines for off-lease times. Dogs must be well socialized and disciplined for interactions with other humans and dogs. No aggressive behavior will be tolerated.

  10. All persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult member while on the property.

  11. Members agree to be courteous and respectful to all people they meet on camp property.

  12. Members agree to stay off the property during Church summer camp dates.Normally, the camp is active 2-3 weeks during July and August.  BHHC will post the restricted dates on its website, and signs will be posted at the entry points.

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