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About Camp Paul Hummel

Camp Paul Hummel is a private property owned and operated by Next Step Christian Church, Thornton, CO ( and Frontier Church-Carbon Valley (  Unauthorized access to the property and its trails is prohibited. The Boulder Heights Hiking Club was established, in part, to provide that authorized access to the trails for local neighbors with the proper insurance, waivers and passes. Club members agree to abide by a set of rules that help protect the Camp and its resources.  For more information on joining the club, click here.  

Camp History

The history of Camp Paul Hummel traces back to the Depression Era, when Paul Hummel purchased its 240 acres at an auction in Denver. Paul saw the potential for the property to serve as a youth camp for Boulder and Denver Seventh Day Baptist (SBD) churches. Paul personally ran summer camps for youth during the 1940’s and 50’s.


For over 60 years, Camp Paul Hummel (CPH) has continued the legacy of Paul Hummel.  Campers from Next Step Christian Church and Frontier Church – Carbon Valley come together during two-three weeks each summer to have the time of their lives as they build relationships with each other at camp. Activities include hiking, recreation, campfire games, Bible study, worship, archery, and crafts. Campers build relationships with each other that will last a lifetime as they grow together during the week. Camps are for children entering grades 3 through 12. Each camp lasts approximately one week.


To read more about the camp’s heritage please see this link.  

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