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Camp Paul Hummel Trails

Meadows Lollipop Trail

Green Trail
CPH Meadows Lollipop Trail2.jpg

When you want to extend the Main Loop Trail at the Camp, add on the Meadows Lollipop trail that begins at the easternmost point of the Main Loop.  The out and back portion and the lollipop loop to the meadows is almost exactly 1.0 mile.  Follow the Green trail markers. Head down from the trailhead and after about .15 miles, turn right off the service road and follow the loop south.  Lookout Peak is directly in front and below this portion of the trail.  The trail flattens out and turns east in front of Lookout Peak.  On your right are the beautiful meadows with Boulder's three peaks beyond.  As the trail continues east and then north, the climb back up begins.  As you climb on the service road to compete the loop, the heavily wooded area provides welcome shade. There is a total of 200 feet of elevation gain and loss on the trail. 

Download the trail map here.

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