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Camp Paul Hummel Trails

Main Loop Trail

(Blue Trail)
Main Loop Trail Map - BHHC.JPG

Trail Description

This 1.1 mile trail begins at either the Camp entrance at Mine Road or from one of two spur trails coming from Sky Trail Road.  After coming through the Mine Road gate, walk about 150 paces to find the trail entrances to the right or to the left just before the Y in the camp road. It is an easy trail and combines beautiful forested areas and open stretches with fabulous views to the south, east and west.  Follow the Blue trail markers,  If you are accessing the trail from the cul-de-sac at the end of Sky Trail Road, each adds about .15 miles (each direction) to the total hike. From Sky Trail, follow the Red markers to their connection with the marked Blue trail.

A portion of the trail follows the utility road that serves both towers and the Gamelines Archery Range on the southwest area of the trail.  Both these areas are restricted to club members.

The best views are from the southern-most section of the trail where hikers can see the back of the Flatirons and all three Boulder Peaks - Green Mountain, Bear Peak and South Boulder Peak. To the southwest, hikers can see Mt. Thoradin, Mt. Evans in the distance and Sugar Loaf Mountain.

At the easternmost point of the trail, hikers can extend their trip by adding the Meadows Lollipop trail to add an additional mile to the total distance.

Just east of the main trailhead is the home and horse corral of Bruce and Nicole and their Search and Rescue rides Sunny and Matteo.  If you see Bruce and Nicole, be sure to say hello.

To download a copy of the trail map, click here.

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